Divinity, An introduction

It has now been two and one half months since I adopted Divinity, my Cairn Terrier who I adopted from the Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue. Divinity is amazing! What a lovely transition taking place for my little lady.

After nine years as a puppy-mill mama, Divinity is free to be herself. Divinity and I go for 1 to 1-1/2 mile plus walks at least three times each week, plus several more 1/2 mile walks. Divinity would enjoy walking for two hours every day if we could.

Divinity on a long leash

At first these walks were extremely painful! Divinity would easily take 45 minutes to walk a quarter mile. Divinity had obviously never experienced the smells and odors she was discovering and needed to inspect each smell at length. Having worked extensively with abused/abandoned horses, I knew it was best in the long run to allow my little girl the time she needed to grow through this stage.

Before I adopted Divinity, I was told she did well in the company of one or two dogs. However, I found Divinity pulled back when in a larger group. For the past six weeks, I’ve taken Divinity to a featherweight/fearful dog playgroup each weekend. Last weekend Divinity opened up,did a half dozen play-bows, and then she initiated three chases!

My next step for her is training for the Canine Good Citizen certification, and then getting her certified as a Therapy Dog.


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