Our first few days, a short retrospective

The first week we were together was quite interesting. I had never owned a dog, and Divinity had a new home. I collected Divinity from her foster home on a Friday. The first night, Divinity slept in her kennel with the door closed, as I understood she had at her foster home.

However, I was determined that my apartment was Divinity’s home as well, so the next morning I removed the kennel door and it has not been put back on since. Whatever would happen, would happen. After a few sleepless nights caused by my not understanding what Divinity was trying to tell me, I have not been disappointed.

Multiple times during the first few nights after the door was removed from her kennel, Divinity would wake me by scratching the side of the mattress. For several days, my immediate reaction was she needed to potty, so I dressed and took her outside. Shortly after bringing her in from her middle of the night potty run, Divinity would again start scratching on the mattress.

After days with little sleep, it was time for a nap. No sooner had I fallen asleep than Divinity began scratching again! At that point all I cared about was sleep, so I picked her up and placed her on the bed with me. Divinity immediately stretched out and snoozed. Divinity had not been telling me she needed to potty, she was trying to tell me she wanted to be with me!


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