Trip to the Beauty Parlour

Recently, Divinity took a trip to her beauty parlour. Divinity was getting a bit shaggy, and she had started looking like a miniature Polar Bear.

Divinity has a wonderful Cairn double-coat that requires hand-stripping in order to look her best. Fortunately, we were told of someone nearby that specializes in hand-stripping.

After a visit to the beauty parlour


Divinity’s groomer is Anna at Animal House Pet Styling located in Little Canada, which is just west of the twin-cities here in Minnesota. Anna is a Certified Master Groomer, teaches grooming, and uses photographs of Divinity in her grooming classes.

When we arrived at Animal House, Anna was happy to see Divinity again. Anna told me how she had wanted to adopt Divinity herself, but was overruled. Anna spent nearly two hours grooming Divinity, while graciously providing tips on how to keep my little one looking good between visits.

If your pet needs grooming, I highly recommend Animal House Pet Styling. If you have a pet with a double-layered coat that needs hand-stripping, ask for Anna, and tell her Divinity sent you.

After grooming


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