The Drive-Thru Diva

Divinity is a calm and very composed little lady who rarely even barks. Having said that… I found her weakness.

Twice on our trip to Canada, I didn’t feel like unpacking the camp stove to make lunch so we stopped at a fast-food restaurant.  I discovered while sitting in line in the drive-thru, that Divinity morphs into a totally out of control wild animal. I suspect there is something in the smell of greasy burgers that puts her over the edge.

The Drive-Thru Diva

Had Divinity not been physically restrained by her seatbelt, she would have been out the drivers side window and into the restaurant’s drive-thru window to hunt down the cause of the smell.

Having gone through this twice, I found life easier to park and go into the restaurant and bring my lunch out to the car. Even then, Divinity does not return to her calm self until after I have finished eating.

Drive-thru Diva


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