Canine Good Citizen Training

Divinity was signed up for training classes so she can earn her Canine Good Citizen certification. This certification is the first step in her becoming a certified Therapy Dog.  The training classes started today, so we will not be going to her Saturday playgroups for a while.

I had initially hoped Divinity could test out of Level 1 today, but neither of us were quite on the mark performing two of the tasks, so we’ll need another week.

Level 1 consists of the following tasks that must be completed successfully:

  • The owner can recognize and fix a tight leash.
  • The dog must have stationary attention for 5 seconds with low distractions.
  • The dog sits for greeting (the dog’s  bottom must stay on the floor, and must not creep, or come forward).
  • The dog takes treats with a soft mouth.
  • The owner can easily handle the dog’s ears and paws.
  • A stranger can take the dog’s leash, get the dog’s attention, and have the dog sit.

Divinity and I need a bit more work on the first two items. However, we’ll be ready next time.


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