Canine Good Citizen – Level 3 training update

Divinity and I had our second CGC level 3 training session. Divinity is doing much better then I seem to be doing.  Divinity is doing her sit-stays, and her down-stays with me standing 10 feet from her. Over the next week, we’ll stretch this out to the required 20 feet.

Divinity’s trick for this level is a crawl, which makes me laugh every time.  Divinity’s loose-leash walk it not bad at all, and she turns with me most every time.

The one area we have the most to work on, is an area that I have neglected, which is her performing a sit and a down on both verbal and hand commands. We have not practiced these tasks nearly enough, and some days she does them, but some days not. Tonight was a definite not! We will be working hard on these two tasks before the next class.


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