Divinity enjoying the snow

Thanks to her new winter clothes, and warmer temperatures in the mid-thirties, Divinity is now enjoying the snow. Here are three pictures of Divinity out for a walk on Christmas Day.

Having a sniff

Having a sniff


If you look closely at the last two photographs, you can see Divinity’s leash whipping around while we were running.

Divinity enjoying a run in the snow

Divinity enjoying a run in the snow


I’m just glad Divinity did not slam on the brakes as I cannot stop as fast as she can, and several times I’ve had to jump over her to keep from stepping on my little lady.

Divinity at full gallop

Divinity at full gallop



4 responses

  1. Divinity gave up, and she now performs the down command. We have had one “dry-run” test for her special certification. A few small things to work on, but I think we are close.

  2. Divinity is a true snow dog! She is also very stylish in her Scottish plaid! She shows up well against all of the “white stuff” we have had in “Minnesnowta” this year. Stay warm Miss Divinity and have fun!

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