Dental Problems

Today, Divinity is at the vet’s having her teeth cleaned. While she was being examined, her vet noticed one molar was cracked, and two other teeth were loose. These three teeth are all located on her left side. The vet will extract these teeth while Divinity in under anesthesia.

In December 2008, during Divinity’s initial exam after her puppy-mill owner turned her over to the rescue, she had her teeth cleaned and one tooth was extracted. I do not know what caused the increase in dental problems. I’ll ask the vet when I pick her up.

I mentioned to the vet that Divinity walks down the hallway rubbing her right check against the wall. The doctor thinks Divinity just enjoys doing this, but he will check her right side to make certain nothing else is wrong.

Since last Friday, Divinity has been to the vet’s twice, and in another two days, she has an appointment at her beauty parlour. Come the weekend, Divinity will have a well deserved rest.

Update: The vet called, Divinity is awake, and she is feeling fine.


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