Divinity’s new home

This week, Divinity & I moved to a new home many miles out in the country. Divinity is mesmerized by the animals and birds she sees. There are deer, pheasant, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks in the yard.  I also spotted a large Eagle flying overhead. Divinity is a bit nervous as she’s never before been exposed to these surroundings or creatures.

However, the Terrier will emerge, and yesterday, when a squirrel bounded right in front of us, Divinity took off like a shot and didn’t stop until halted by the end of her leash. At the moment, she has a 16-foot expendable leash. I had thought of buying her a 26-footer, but after the squirrel incident, I’ve decided against it. There is no telling how much trouble my little one might get into with an extra 10-feet.


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