Divinity passed her Therapy Dog test!

Ten months after adopting Divinity, she passed Pet Partners (FKA the Delta Society) Therapy Dog test! Actually, unlike other organizations that certify dogs as Therapy Dogs, the Delta Society will register us as Pet Partners (after receiving the paperwork).

Divinity spent the first nine years of her life as a puppy-mill mama. When I adopted Divinity she did not really know how to walk on a leash. Now ten months later she is a Therapy Dog.

The two volunteers for her Therapy Dog test, are the same people who manage the Puppy Playgroup Divinity attended for several months during the first few months after adoption. These playgroups helped Divinity learn to become a dog, instead of being the puppy-mill mama she was for so long. Actually, Divinity is still learning to be a dog, and is just now finding her voice. Divinity “barks” about once per month, but lately she’s started emitting a low level howl.

Divinity is truly an amazing little lady!


5 responses

  1. Your lil girl Divinity is beautiful :) I’m getting a boy cairn next year. My family have always had cairns and currently have 2 sisters
    Daisy http://www.flickr.com/photos/takenby2/2801522134/
    and Cassie
    The cairn we had when I was growing up was a wheaten girl called Mimi who looked like Divinity :)
    I came across your blog as I googled ‘cairn’ and ‘therapy dog’ as I plan to make my boy cairn(I’m going to call him Archie) a therapy dog when older.

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