One Year Anniversary

Today, it is the one year anniversary of my adopting Divinity. Divinity is a complete joy in my life, and she is an amazing little lady.

For those who don’t know, Divinity was a puppy-mill mama for nine years. Around her ninth birthday, Divinity was turned over to the Col. Potter Cairn Terrier rescue. Divinity then traveled to Minnesota, and I adopted her about five and half months later.


The following are a few of the highlights of our past year together that stand out the most:

  • At the three and a half month mark, Divinity became an international traveler when she crossed the border into Canada on our way to Spruce Woods Provincial Park.
  • At nine months Divinity passed her Canine Good Citizen test. Divinity was by far the oldest dog in the CGC class.
  • At the ten month mark, Divinity passed her Therapy Dog test. I was told Divinity is the third oldest dog in the area to pass the Delta Society Therapy Dog test.
  • At eleven months, Divinity learned the pleasure of hunting Chipmunks.

I’m certain our second year together will be every bit as joyful as the last. Stay tuned!


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