Learning to be a Dog

The Japan Times Online posted a story of Chaine, a five year old husky who lives in Tokyo.

“Although Chaine’s ancestors were from the harsh wilds of Siberia, where the breed has long been used to haul loaded sleds long distances over snow and ice, Chaine grew up indoors, didn’t like “walkies” in the rain and refused to step in puddles.”

Chaine now pulls one of her owners along roads and paths on his bicycle like a sled-hauling husky.  Recently, Chaine  entered a “cycle-dog race” where dogs pull their owners on bicycles. Competing in the beginners category, Chaine crossed the finishing line in eighth place .

Chaine’s story reminded me of Divinity’s story. Divinity was a puppy-mill mama for nine years, and didn’t learn to walk on a leash until I adopted her, and she is almost afraid to bark. Every now and then, Divinity lets out a quite howl. However, in the past few months there has been an occasional series of barks.

Divinity now enjoys travelling, camping, and eating ice cream. Divinity is also learning the joys of the hunt. Our new place abounds with chipmunks that Divinity is determined to catch. At the moment, she’s not a very good hunter, has never caught a chipmunk, but she is getting close.


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