My wet-nosed, four-footed alarm clock

Divinity has taken it upon herself to be my alarm clock. I had previously told her she needed a job outside of being a Therapy Dog, and suddenly several months ago there she was waking me, and she’s been waking me up every morning ever since.

Unfortunately, Divinity’s “internal” clock tends to be quite off and I might be woken anywhere from 2:00am to my normal time of 4:00am. Anyway, my little lady takes great pride in her “alarm-clock” job, and I have great pride in Divinity, even if I am rather tired some of the time.

Wet-Nosed, Four-Footeed, Alarm Clock


2 responses

  1. What a sweet little face! Our cat wakes us up every morning with horrible yowels. I’m sure Miss Divinity is more polite ,even it is too early!
    PS. enjoyed your last post, pictures were so green it looked like jungle shots with Divinity creeping along hunting.
    Best wishes,
    Fay, Gracie & her new sister Bailey (5 mo cairn)

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