Camping Trip

This past weekend, I took Divinity for a camping trip. The weather in Minnesota this summer has been hot and humid, and last time we went camping, Divinity overheated so we packed up and went home.

The temperature has started to cool, so we tried again, this time successfully. After trying two other State Parks, we ended up in Sibley State Park, in New London, MN.

We arrived just before a thunderstorm and I was close to finishing setting up the tent when it started to rain. Divinity watched me finish from the comfort of the car.

Divinity snuggled close all night, and in the morning, she was bouncing with joy. Divinity really enjoys being outdoors and sleeping in the tent.

I’m guessing that’s from her spending nine years in a puppy-mill. Whatever the actual reason, Divinity gets great pleasure from camping.


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