Divinity’s blog – One year anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of Divinity’s blog, and what a year it has been.

  • Canine Good Citizen training and certification test.
  • Therapy Dog training and certification test.
  • Lots of traveling and camping, including a trip to Canada.
  • Discovered Divinity’s love of fast food.

Divinity has averaged 138 different people each month visiting her blog to read her adventures. Divinity & I hope everyone continues to follow her journey.

I thought a map of Divinity’s travels during the past year would be in order. This map only includes the longer trips we’ve taken. There are many shorter trips, but where just as enjoyable as the longer ones.

This map lays out over 2,100 miles of Divinity’s journey. The short trips most likely add up to another 1,000 plus miles. Divinity especially enjoys traveling since she got her new co-pilots seat.


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