Learning to run

Here is a link to a video of Divinity running. After nine years in a puppy-mill, Divinity is still learning to be a dog, even as she approaches her eleventh birthday. Up until now, Divinity’s runs have been limited to twenty feet or so, and then she would stop. However, recently I’ve been taking her to a local park where few people visit.

Divinity learning to run

When no one is around, I’ve let Divinity off her leash and as you can see, she’s learning to run longer distances, and is she ever having a grand time.

Divinity still trips over herself, and if you look closely just after the video starts you’ll see her go down. However, she picks herself up, and carries on without missing a beat. Divinity may be a senior Cairn Terrier, but she does not let her age get in the way of doing new things. Divinity’s quite an inspiration.

Watch the video of Divinity learning to run.



3 responses

  1. You go girl! You run better then my 7 year old Gracie.
    Stay away from soap,blowing bubbles isn’t fun. Hope you both had a happy Thanksgiving.
    Fay & her girls in N.CA

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