Winter boots

After freezing in mid-step multiple times last winter, Divinity deserved a set of nice winter boots.

As an early Christmas present, I bought a set of boots from Ruff Wear for her, along with several pairs of baby socks that stretch to her thighs.

Divinity loves these boots, and she now runs around the yard instead of staying in one small area shivering.

Divinity wearing her winter boots

I have found the quality of Ruff Wear products impressive. Divinity has worn Ruff Wear’s Web Master harness since I adopted her.

Here are a few pictures of Divinity enjoying a warm spell (10 degrees above zero) wearing her fall sweatshirt and winter boots.

Walking in her winter boots


One response

  1. What a cutie! Love the pictures!! Hope you both had a lovely Christmas & we wish you a Wonderful New Year.
    Fay & her girls in CA

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