A custom tailored winter suit

Last Winter,Divinity was very cold and actually froze in mid-step on a number of occasions. Divinity has a warm winter “horse blanket” she wore over her fall hooded sweatshirt, but she still shivered most of the time when outdoors.

Divinity's new winter suit

I searched for “long-johns” for her, and posted my needs on a Cairn Terrier rescue group where several other people had similar problems with their Cairn Terriers. Unfortunately, at the time, I failed to find anything that fit Divinity’s needs without requiring the services of a tailor.

Racing around the loop

This winter, finds the cold bothers Divinity much more than last winter. I started looking for more winter clothes for the little lady. As winter began in Minnesota, Divinity & I moved, and I met someone that sews. They offered to make a winter outfit for Divinity. This suit was literally custom made, and hand tailored. Divinity actually had three fittings! Divinity loves this new outfit, she is warm, comfortable, and with the addition of her Ruff Wear boots, she now zooms all over the place.

Racing towards the garage

Just an FYI before anyone asks, this suit is a “one-off,” the person who made it said this is the only one they’ll make.

Shaking the snow off her head

This was specially made for Divinity.

Racing back to the house

I promised the person who created this lovely outfit I’d post comments made about their creation, so here goes!

Headed back up the path

Here is Divinity looking for my landlady to thank her for her wonderful suit.

Looking in the landlords door

Note: This comment section may grow as I receive comments from sources other than this blog.

The following comments were made to me in either in person, in e-mails, or in the Cairn Terrier rescue group of which I am a member:

Mary, “That suit is CUTE!!!!”

Laura. “Oh my gosh…how adorable.  This little girl is really a pampered princess!!!!!”

Patti, “…she is too adorable!  However, with her blond hair and Scandinavian colors she looks very Norwegian not Scottish!”

Nancy, “How adorable is this.  She’s got designer clothes!”

Coffee shop lady, “She looks like she belongs at a ski resort.”

Divinity's resting after her run in her new winter suit


6 responses

  1. What a wonderful person to custom make this awesome winter suit for Divinity! She looks very sporty and most importantly – WARM!!

  2. I have never seen any thing so adorable! She looks so warm & happy! What a wonderful gift from your talented friend.

    Have a wonderful winter!
    Hugs,Fay & her girls in warmer CA

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