Preparing for first visit as a Therapy Dog

Divinity is preparing for her first official visit to a hospital as a Therapy Dog. Divinity will be visiting a very special patient, her dad!

I am about to undergo major surgery, and if scheduling permits, Divinity will visit me. As one-half of a registered Delta Society Pet Partner team, Divinity is required to visit with me as her handler.

However, as I am to be the patient, the Delta Society granted permission for their Regional Examiner to bring Divinity in for her visit.

Divinity and Patti (the regional examiner) have known each other for the past year and a half, and they are quite comfortable with each other. Patti and her husband own Ballard, a small black Cairn Terrier.

I will post again as soon as I am able.

Divinity’s Dad


3 responses

  1. Richard,will be keeping you in my prayers.Take care,I know you will be missing your girl,so happy she will be able to visit you.
    Fay & her girls in CA

  2. Best wishes for a quick recovery. There’s nothing like a little cairn “terrapy” to speed a patient’s recovery.
    Big aroos from Murry & Maisie in Boston

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