First visit as a Therapy Dog – Update

First, I’d like to thank everyone for their e-mails, comments, and kind thoughts. My surgery went well, and I am recuperating nicely.

And now for Divinity. Unfortunately, scheduling did not permit Divinity to visit. However, I did have time to think about her, and as Divinity has one full-time patient already, I’ve decided that this one patient is enough. I have no further plans to bring her to any facility to visit others.

The decision to go no further with her Therapy Dog visits was not difficult to make, age is catching up with my little lady, her hearing is going rapidly, and when she is wakened by a noise close-by, she jumps in fear as the noise could be coming from something that might attack, or hurt her. Therefore, I am not going to add any additional stress to Divinity’s life by bringing her into a facility to visit others.

Over this past year, in her official capacity as a registered Therapy Dog, Divinity has kept me going physically, and she kept me emotionally well. Now it’s my turn to return the favor.


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