The Pup Cup

A few days ago, Divinity & I went for a drive into some farm country near where we live in Minnesota. This was our first trip, and one of the few outings either of us have had in many months, and we both enjoyed getting out of the house.

Along the way, we stopped at a Dairy Queen for Divinity’s three most favorite treats, hamburger, French fries, and a “pup cup.” Now McDonald’s is her favorite place for hamburger and fries. As soon as she smells the grease, Divinity has a “Big Mac attack.” However, Dairy Queen is where we go for ice cream, and her “pup cup.”

Ready for a Pup-Cup

For those who don’t know, some, but not all Dairy Queen’s offer “pup cups” for their customer’s dogs. These are very small dishes of vanilla ice cream with a doggy treat on top. Divinity is not much for the doggy treat, but she sure loves her ice cream.

Note: Divinity, like her dad, now prefers her hamburgers from Dairy Queen.


5 responses

  1. Divinity looks so cute in her seat belt in the car! I didn’t know about Dairy Queen pup cups. Since I like to get DQ’s Moolattes when I travel, I’ll start asking for pup cups, too.

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