Change in diet

Recently, Divinity started throwing up once every two to three weeks. I was not sure what was causing this, but I felt it was something Divinity was eating. Divinity’s diet consisted of Sojos Fruit & Veggie mix, usually with chopped Applewood ham in the mornings, while she ate Dick Van Patton’s Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison Formula for dinner. Divinity’s been eating these for nearly two years, she enjoyed them both, and neither gave her problems.

As a test, I stopped one food then the other and discovered that she got sick only after eating Sojos. I called Sojos and was told I was the only one who called with this problem, so it was on our side not Sojos. Obviously, Divinity had become allergic to something in the Fruit & Veggie mix. As an aging Cairn Terrier, it is natural for her to start developing allergies. Not to worry, Divinity now “suffers” having to eat Sweet Potato and Venison Formula which she absolutely loves.


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