Boots for Divinity

The RuffWear boots I bought a year ago for Divinity to wear in winter were a bit too large for her, and though I had purchased the smallest size, they kept falling off. This is due to Divinity’s very small feet. RuffWear now has a newer “knee-high” model with for use in winter, and an updated version of the original boot.

Divinity's Boots

After searching for suitable material to “pad” her boots I selected 4mm neoprene (wet suit material) from Seattle Fabrics.

For a trial, I cut four strips to fit around the boots at ankle height. It was then off to our favorite park for a real-life test. It took a few minutes for Divinity to get used to walking in the boots, and then it she was off like a rocket. I couldn’t keep up with my little lady. I’ve never seen her run so much, and she was grinning from ear-to-ear.

Enjoying the park

Divinity usually walks at a snails pace, however, there have been some occasional bursts of speed. One day while discussing Divinity with my landlady, she said she thought Divinity’s feet are overly sensitive due to her spending nine years in a puppy-mill standing on wire cage bottoms. This certainly made sense, and our test in the park seems to have proved her theory correct.

Now that Divinity’s boots fit, I’ll have her wear them 3-4 days a week, allowing her to walk barefoot a few days to toughen the soles of her feet.

Divinity running


6 responses

  1. It is especially exciting for me considering Divinity did not learn to run until last October, two months before her eleventh birthday.

    Divinity’s Dad

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