Problem ears

This week, Divinity went to the vet for her yearly physical, and to get help for some ear problems. Divinity has nodule growths in both ears due to years of untreated ear infections while she was in a puppy-mill. Divinity’s ears are very difficult to clean because of these nodules.

With normal ears, one would put some drops in each ear and massage the ears after allowing the medication to work itself into the wax. Then when the dog shakes it’s head, the gunk leaves the ear. Unfortunately, the nodules in Divinity’s ears prevent the gunk from dislodging naturally

Relaxing in the shade

Tests showed Divinity suffering from Pseudomonas which is a bacterial infection. The vet prescribed two medications which are already working. Divinity has another appointment in two weeks.  Hopefully, her ear problems are a thing of the past.

Update: Divinity is hearing again!  She now knows I’ve come home even if she is upstairs! Today, Divinity went to the vet for a check on her ears. The medications she’s taken has worked well, and her infection is gone. One another note, the nodules in her ears have are shrinking. Divinity has one more week of the medication that is reducing these nodules, and the vet will examine her ears again in two weeks.

A content little lady

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  1. Divinity is hearing better, and she has another appointment with her vet on Monday. I’ll post an update on her condition after our visit.

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