Friends over for a visit

Last weekend, Divinity & I had visitors. Our friends Patti & Bob came over for a long-overdue visit. Patti was the home inspector for the Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue from whom I adopted Divinity. It was Patti’s inspection approval that furthered my adoption application for my little lady.

While they were here, my landlords, who have also become friends with Patti & Bob, brought them out to the pasture to meet their three horses and two Llama’s.  Naturally, Divinity went along and got to chat with her three equine friends (sorry no pictures of this), but it was really neat seeing her friend Odie (one of the horses) bending down, to chat with Divinity who is not at all afraid of a 1,000 pound horse. Don’t be concerned, I watched Divinity carefully to make sure nothing happened to her.

Also, Divinity went to the vet today and received her second shot for Lyme disease so she is covered for that dreaded illness. The vet rechecked her ears, and said they are clear, but reminded me she is prone to ear infections, so I’ll need to watch her carefully. However, Divinity now hears her dad!

On the way home, Divinity & I stopped for a hamburger which is her most  favorite treat. Actually, we share it as I am not about to give her an entire hamburger for herself, especially a Big Mac which is her favorite (minus the onions). As soon as she smells the grease as we enter the drive-though line, Divinity has a “Big Mac Attack.”


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