Divinity goes for a horseback ride

Divinity goes for a horseback rideThere is not much that stops Divinity from enjoying life to the fullest. This weekend, Divinity went horseback riding on her pal Odie. The man in the photo is my landlord, Jim, who kindly took Divinity for her ride. As you can see in the pictures, Divinity was a bit nervous for the first few minutes, but she started to relax after a bit.

We had considered taking Divinity on her good friend Rio, but Rio is a bit too skittish for a dog that has never been on a horse.

We are now searching for a way to take Divinity riding without having to hold her in our arms. It’s always best to keep both hands on the reins, and I’d prefer having Divinity strapped in for safety.

Calming down


5 responses

  1. This is awesome! You should get a doggie backpack or find a way to strap a dog basket (for a bike) to the saddle. Fun times!

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