Divinity at first rescue

This past week, I was contacted by a member of the Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue from whom I adopted Divinity. Joanna said she had been looking at some photo’s of Divinity taken around the time of her rescue. Well I certainly could not pass up a possibility like that, so I emailed and asked if I could get copies of the pictures.

Yesterday, I received two pictures, plus the statement on Divinity that was inserted into the Col. Potter adoption area of their website. This statement is as follows:

“This little lady is a charmer. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She is very quiet, but will approach to give kisses and to get loving. She is a real lady; she very seldom barks, she does not jump onto furniture and she never goes out the door before I go out. Too good to be true? Nope, that’s Divinity so far!

Be aware that her personality is just starting to show itself. Divinity has started to initiate play with my cairns by doing a “play bow”. Then if she gets a response, a little chase is in order. I believe if she had a yard to play in she would love to run and chase outside.

She has become a bit of a toy thief in that she very casually strolls around the house gathering up toys when no one is looking, and placing them in her bed in the kitchen. She likes to pace in the kitchen with her toy in her mouth squeaking as she goes.

Her ears are getting better, but I fear her potty habits will not be perfect until warmer weather or until she moves to a nice warm climate. If you find a place for Divinity in your home you will be totally charmed with this cairn princess! Please fill out an application soon.  She would love to have a home to call “her own.”

Divinity at time of Rescue

Divinity at time of Rescue


I would like to thank Joanna for these pictures, and I’d like to thank those that submitted adoption paperwork for Divinity and then changed their minds as these people decided that Divinity was too old to adopt.

Divinity Rescued

Divinity Rescued


The last photo of my little lady was taken recently and was inserted into this post as a before and after comparison.

Divinity Today

Divinity Today



3 responses

  1. Divinity is a great inspiration for all the other Cairns that are “too old” and have a hard time getting adopted.

    My most recent foster Cordelia is 10 yo but acts like a puppy. It’s hard to believe she was a puppy mill breeder for 10 years because she is so friendly and happy. Yet many people would not consider adopting her because of her age. Thankfully there are people like you and Cordi’s new family that are willing to give an “old girl” a new life.

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