Dental Problems

Today, Divinity went to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. I was tempted to wait until February when it is dental month for pets. During February, many vet’s offer discounts for dental work. However, Divinity had developed the dreaded “Cairn Terrier Breath,” and her morning hello, as well as her daily kisses had become too much to handle, so it was off for a cleaning.

The one thing I’ve learned since adopting Divinity, is that, “what Cairn Terriers lack in stature, they make up for in breath.” Little did I know two weeks ago when I scheduled this appointment, that it was a good thing I was getting Divinity in earlier than originally planned.

Dental update:
The vet just called and said she needed to remove three of Divinity’s teeth, one of which was abscessed. As is her norm, Divinity didn’t utter a sound even though she was in pain. Divinity’s lack of sound comes from being punished by her puppy-mill owner if she ever made noise. This has been verified by several top-level dog trainers, as well as my own experience working with abused horses, some of whom where beaten with 2×4’s by their owners.


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