Divinity has recently developed more food allergies.  This is allergy round three.

The first round was when I adopted her.  Her vet noticed her reddish discolored feet which the vet said was a sign of allergy problems. This discoloration occurs when Divinity licks her feet a lot.


Round one: Divinity had been fed a high-quality ocean fish diet which she enjoyed. Unfortunately, the ocean fish did not go well with her.  I changed her diet and she improved rapidly.

Round two: This occurred about a year ago when she started having problems with one food she had been eating for more than a year. Again, I changed her food and she was fine.

Round three. Lately, I changed Divinity’s evening treat from a regular Greenies to Senior Greenies. I’ve noticed that once again Divinity has been licking her feet a lot and her feet have become reddish in color.  During a visit to my local Chuck & Don’t pet store, I spoke with one of the sales people who mentioned that Senior Greenies have a lot of wheat in them. I stopped the Senior Greenies, her licking is subsiding, and her feet are beginning to look better.

The above picture of Divinity was taken by Anna, Divinity’s groomer before I adopted her. This picture was taken while Divinity was on her ocean fish diet, and you can see her red feet.


3 responses

  1. Divinity’s Dad: To help, rinse Divinity’s feet in full strength GOLD Listerine – it can be generic but only the GOLD. Repeat as needed.
    Divinity is so beautiful!
    Karen G
    Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network

  2. You mean I can’t use the Winter Green variety and have her feet smelling minty fresh?

    Thanks for the information! I’m heading to Walmart in a bit and will buy some “GOLD Listerine” while I am there.

  3. I so enjoy Divinity’s adventures. She seems to be such a sweet girl. My cairn Princess Maisie has itchy feet from Spring to Fall due to pollen, grass things, etc. She gets 1/4 Zyrtec pill (a people allergy pill) daily. She also struts her stuff through a kiddie pool with about 2 inches of water and this rinses of the pollen, etc. Previously I tried soaking her feet in Listerine Gold, but it didn’t make much difference for her itchies. Hope this is helpful.

    Sheryl in WInthrop, MA with cairns Murry and Princess Maisie

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