Skin Infection

This past Monday, Divinity had another outbreak of bacterial skin infection. Over the past few months she’s been suffering from this type of infection.

My landlord kindly volunteered his daughter Laura to take Divinity to a vet the next day. Laura works at the Ham Lake Veterinarian Hospital. Laura’s help was very fortunate as I had just started a new job and I would not have made a good impression on my new manager if I called in on my second day of work needing to take most of that day off.

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As you can see in the attached photo’s, Divinity chewed a chunk of herself off in her quest to stop the itching. The vet shaved her fur from around the area so that the air could more easily get to the infected parts.

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Divinity had previously been on antibiotics for this, her regular veterinarian’s at Kivisto Vet Clinic had her on two rounds of Clavamox. This should have worked, but didn’t, so the vets at Ham Lake decided it was best to give Divinity stronger medication. The vets prescribed Cephalexin (250mg) and Hydroxyzine (25mg) antibiotics and I am to bath her ever week, using Ketochlor and Keratolux shampoos, alternately them weekly. I then am to rub her with ResiCort conditioner which contains Hydrocortizone. The Resicort does not get rinsed off.

I am more detailed then usual in this post, as Divinity’s regular veterinarians read her blog and I want to give them a proper update. Divinity has already started healing, and the reddish area is healing nicely. Hopefully, this infection will soon heal permanently.

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  1. My goodness, poor girl. Sounds like she is having “the works” to help her heal. My Gracie,(for what its worth) had allergies. Took off chicken based foods and went to Nature Variety no grain kibble with a little of their raw as a topper. She cleared up, was a struggle to find the right combo. Best wishes to both of you.

  2. The vet said to stop all treats and that I was to just feed Divinity her normal Natural Balance – Sweet Potato & Venison Formula.

    However, I do give her some of the Natural Balance kibble for treats. So far, she seems to be healing well, but this has happened twice before, and two weeks after stopping her medication, Whammo!

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