Sensitive tummy

Last weekend Divinity  started vomiting.  The weather was quite hot and very muggy which didn’t help.

On Tuesday, I spoke with Dr. Heather,  one of her regular vets at Kivisto Vet Clinic who gave me a new temporary diet to put Divinity on that should take care of the problem.

Well wouldn’t you know, the new diet consists of rice and hamburgers which are two of Divinity’s most favorite foods. I was also to give Divinity some low-fat cottage cheese, another of Divinity’s favorites. That night I cooked a batch of Sekka rice which is sweet and sticky, I then cooked some 96% lean hamburger that I rinsed and crumbled into the rice. Divinity had not been eating much for a few days but cleaned her dish when filled with this wonder concoction.

Divinity is now suffers by having to eat rice, hamburgers, and have low-fat cottage cheese for desert. She told me she’s not happy with me forcing her to be on this diet twice a day, and insists on being forced to eat it five or six times a day!

Divinity’s allergy problem is also clearing fast. Her backside is almost healed, and her feet have not looked this good since I’ve owned her.


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