Second-Time International Traveler

On Saturday, July 14th, Divinity once again became an international traveler when we crossed the border into Ontario, Canada.

Divinity’s first international trip occurred during the Labor Day Weekend of 2009 when we went to Spruce Woods Provincial Park in Central Manitoba, Canada.

Divinity at Thunder Bay

Here are links to this last trip where you can see Divinity posing under the Flag of Manitoba, sleeping in the tent at Spruce Woods Provincial Park, and wading in the Assiniboine River.

Spirit Garden

On this trip, it was far too hot to try sleeping in the tent, so we suffered by staying in an air-conditioned room at the Best Western Motel in Thunder Bay, Canada.

Wading in Lake Superior

This was a very quick trip, but we got to see some very nice places we had not been to before.  The day we drove home, Divinity seemed to not be feeling well. It was not until we got home that she perked up. It was later I realized she had been acting. On the way north I told her she would have to share the driving on the way home. To get out of her turn at the wheel, she played sick, laying down sideways with her tongue hanging partially out of her mouth .

Miss Divinity


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