Divinity in Black & White

I recently purchased an old Twin-Lens reflex film camera.

Yashica Mat

Here are a few samples. Not great, but I am getting better…

Divinity in B&W

Divinity is my sole model, however, it’s difficult to take photo’s of her as she will not stay still.

Divinity in B&W

Divinity in a grassy field

Divinity in B&W

9 responses

    • Divinity & I had just come from McDonald’s where she had her hamburgers, she had her boots on so she was able to run without her feets hurting, and she was with her dad so her day was complete!

      As for developing the film, right now I have a camera store in Minneapolis develop it for me as they have a photo scanner and I do not. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a nice photo scanner next year.

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