Possible beginnings of Arthritis and an Eye infection

It’s been a busy couple of weeks as Divinity has twice been to the vet’s. Last year at this time, and right after Divinity’s 12th birthday, she was a regular at the vet clinic. Now that she’s turned 13, the vet visits have started again.

The first trip to the vet since her birthday was after I noticed Divinity favouring her front-left leg.  Dr. Steve examined Divinity and put her on Vetprofen. Divinity just completed her two weeks of this medication, and I am now watching her closely to see if her limping/favouring her left leg continues. If it does, she’ll may be back on Vetprofen regularly.

The second visit occurred this week when I discovered Divinity had lots of gunk on her right eye. Dr. Steve examined her and prescribed an ointment for treatment which is working quite well.

Hopefully, this will be our last emergency visit to the vet for the year.


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