Bladder Infection

Unfortunately, Divinity’s developed a bladder infection. On the bright side, it is in a very early stage of development and she should heal quickly.  There has been one side effect with her medication. Divinity’s tummy did not take to the Clavamox she was prescribed, along with the VetProfen she now takes for minor arthritis, both of which can cause tummy aches. A third issue is the new kibble I am feeding her, which is Dick Van Patten’s “Natural Balance Legumes and Ducks.” This kibble contains Garbanzo beans which are something like 75% fiber, and make Divinity poop like a Doberman. I suspect all this added fiber, along with her two medications were too much for her stomach.

After vomiting several times, Dr. Steve and I came up with a solution which works, and that Divinity enjoys. Until Divinity finishes her round of Clavamox, she will only eat SEKKA rice with hamburgers.

I find SEKKA rice to be ever so slightly sweet, and somewhat sticky, though it is not considered a sticky rice.  Divinity really likes SEKKA rice, even for a snack!  As far as hamburgers are concerned, they are her most favorite food on the planet.  So combining these two foods are a joy for my little lady. In fact, Divinity said  I can “force her” to eat rice and hamburgers for the next month if I want!

Rice & Hamburgers


One response

  1. Cuzzin Divinity I hope you feel bedder soon. I eat Blue Buffalo Kibble and I like it very much. I’m 12 years now so I’m slowing down a tiny bit, unless I see a bunny or squirrel or a BIG dumb ole dawg.
    Lubs from your cuzzin Rocky Man.

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