Visit to the camera shop

Divinity & I went to West Photo which is my favorite local camera shop.

Sharon, the person who develops my film told me I am not allowed in the store unless Divinity accompanies me!

Trip to the Camera ShopLast week I shot a roll of film with my YashicaMat, a circa 1960 something camera. I use this camera to shoot B&W film. At the time I was rushing, dropped it, and bent the focusing unit. Unfortunately, it looks like it may well cost more to fix the damage than the camera is worth.

Trip to the camera shopI like the results I get from film, though I have also used digital SLR camera’s and enjoyed those images as well. However, I still use my trusty cell phone camera which I use to shoot most of the pictures and video’s of my little lady.



2 responses

  1. Good luck getting your camera fixed. I hope you do not need to replace a part. Looks like an oldie but goodie.

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