A Therapy Dog for Divinity

Divinity tends to keep to herself. However, it is my understanding that her foster mom had two Cairn Terriers Divinity played with during her time in foster care.

Not long after I adopted Divinity, I began taking her to Saturday morning puppy-playtime groups at the local Humane Society so that she could socialize with other dogs.  Occasionally, Divinity would do a few play-bows, but her enthusiasm usually ended after that. Divinity would ignore the other dogs and go from one person to the next to say hello.   It was during these sessions that quite a few people told me they thought Divinity would make a great Therapy Dog.

WizardIn late September, 2009, Divinity began Canine Good Citizen training, and on March 1, 2010 she received her certification. Then one month later on April 3, 2010, Divinity passed her Therapy Dog test.

Well fast forward two years… my landlords own a young Pomeranian named Wizard who is chock full of energy. Wizard and Divinity are about the same size, and he’s been determined to get Divinity to play. It’s taken a lot of effort, but Divinity has started to to play. Wizard has become Divinity’s Therapy Dog.

Wizard and Divinity


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