A Home Visit

Puppy-Mill CagesRecently, I performed a “Home Visit” for the Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue.  This visit was one step in a lengthy process to verify if an applicant would be approved to adopt a Cairn Terrier from the rescue.

My visit to this home occurred fours years after I had my home visit before I adopted Divinity. I am happy to say, the nice gentleman I met was approved to adopt, and I am certain he will be a great dad for a rescued Cairn Terrier.

The picture in this post is a commercial Puppy-Mill house which is much nicer than many puppy-mills use to house their dogs. Having a dog live all-day, every-day in one of these cages is not humane.

Divinity spent most, if not all of her first nine years in one of these cages. However, I did hear a rumor that near the end of her puppy-mill period she was a “house-dog,” and shown to prospective owners as an example of the puppy-mills dogs. Whether or not this rumor is true, there is little doubt that Divinity, and thousands of dogs like her, spend most, or even all of their lives in places like that shown in this picture.

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  1. Life in a puppy-mill is not pleasant, but it is amazing how well so many adjust after they are adopted.

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