Dental Surgery

Doggy DenturesToday, Divinity had her teeth surgically cleaned for the third time since I adopted her nearly four years ago.

Divinity’s had her vet clean her teeth about once every 16 months, and they are brushed 4-times each week. However, her rear teeth are not readily accessible with her toothbrush, so those tend to be problematic.

Unfortunately, Divinity just had another four teeth extracted. Divinity has now had 12 teeth extracted since she was rescued in late 2008. These extractions have been mostly from the back of her mouth. However, today she also had one tooth toward the front removed.

Divinity will still have her petty smile, but if she looses many more teeth, I’ll need to look into getting her fitted for “doggy-dentures!”

Update: Certificate of Bravery

Divinity was awarded a “Certificate of Bravery” from Doctor Heather and Doctor Steve at the Kivisto Veterinary Clinic in recognition of ‘great courage shown during her stay in the hospital’ while having her dental surgery.

Certificate of Bravery


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