RIP Tink

In December, I wrote a post about a 19 year old Cairn Terrier named Tink. Tink’s rescue occurred from the same puppy-mill, and at the same time as Divinity’s. A week later, I wrote an update on the rescue of Tink, Divinity, and the 12 Holiday Confections.


Unfortunately, I’ve learned that due to liver failure, Tink had to be euthanized in early January. Tink is now with the angels.

UPDATE: There is a remembrance quilt being made for Cairn Terriers rescued by the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue, but how have unfortunately, passed on. Tink is a part of this quilt, and her Paw Print square is shown below.

Click the following link to read about this wonderful quilt Remembrance Quilt for Col. Potter’s Departed Cairns

Tink's Paw Print Square

Tink’s Paw Print Square


7 responses

  1. Bless her owners, they gave her love and comfort in her last years.
    She is running free. Thanks as always for sharing.
    Please give Miss D, a hug.
    Fay and her girls in CA

  2. This is the first time I have seen the intake picture of Divinity. The intake picture plus Divinity’s usual posted by he Daddy sure shows the difference. The intake picture shows her sadness and hurt and her home picture shows her actually smiling. what a wonderful difference. She had such a happy and full life. Thank you!

    Joan, Gina’s Mom

    • I have some unseen pictures of Divinity that were taken tight after her rescue that I’ll be publishing sometime in the next month.

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