A Dental Recheck, Hamburgers, and More Snow

Here are a few pictures of Divinity in today’s storm (April 18, 2013).  Divinity is not happy, and said if spring does not start soon, we’ll need to have another indoor camping trip. We are expected to get at least 8″ (20 centimeters) of snow in this storm.

Snow Storm - April 18, 2013Other than the snow storm, there has not been a lot going on at the Divinity household this week.

Snow Storm - April 18, 2013Monday, Divinity went for a recheck on her dental work.  Dr. Steve suggested one more week of soft food, then she can return to her regular diet of “Legumes & Ducks” which she enjoys.  In a month, Divinity will go back for another blood test to recheck her liver enzyme count. Hopefully, it will have returned to normal.

Snow Storm - April 18, 2013Other than the visit to the vet, and a stop at Wendy’s for a hamburgers, we are having another of what has become the now normal multi-time per week snow storm. This winter season in Central Minnesota just won’t go away!

Snow Storm - April 18, 2013

The Aftermath: Overnight, we received lots of wet snow, and Divinity did not have a pleasant morning outing.  Yesterday, the tree in this picture had no snow cover.

The Aftermath

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  1. The huskies are the only ones loving this white stuff at our house! Ballad and Taz are not thrilled with it at all. Looks like Divinity may be enjoying it more than they are! Patti

    • If you look at the last picture of Divinity, you’ll see a total look of disgust. Divinity is not enjoying this snow at all!

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