Divinity’s House

The first two pictures are of Divinity in her house (kennel).

Divinity’s house is located in the living room where she can go for some quite, or private time whenever she wishes. The door on this “kennel” was removed so Divinity can come and go as she pleases.

Divinity in her House

However, due to this everlasting winter, Divinity went into her house and told me she is not coming out until Spring actually arrives, and stays! Unfortunately, Divinity has a bit longer to wait, as it snowed here again this morning.

Divinity in her House

The third photo is of Divinity laying on her dog bed. The dog bed is under my desk in the bedroom. Most of the time she prefers to sleep with me, but while I am at my desk, Divinity prefers to be close.

The blanket on which Divinity is laying was purchased many years ago while travelling through Northern England. It’s wool plaid, and was made by Bronte Tweeds. Nothing is too good for my little lady!

Bronte Tweed blanket


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