Sleeps, more snow, and a new water dish

Early this week, after several days running around outside in much warmer weather, Divinity took a well deserved rest.

After the snow melted

Unfortunately, over the past three days we’ve had snow again, though it melted almost instantly. We were lucky, there were sections of Minnesota that received up to 18″ of snow this week. Soon, everyone hopes the temperatures will once again be approaching normal.


The first picture is of Divinity enjoying actual Spring temperatures. The next three are of Divinity napping, the first two in her dog bed under my desk, the third on the couch. Red is certainly Divinity’s color!

SleepsThe last picture is of her two water dishes. The smaller one is her cool weather dish, the very large one is her summer, or hot weather dish. I discovered that when it is hot, Divinity places her feet in the water to cool off. The larger dish allows her to place both feet in the dish at the same time comfortably. I believe the larger dish is actually made for a German Shepherd size dog.


Summer water dish

Summer water dish


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