Liver enzyme test

My Co-PilotIn February, Divinity had a blood test that came back with an abnormally high liver enzyme count.

Dr. Steve, at the Kivisto Veterinary Clinic, put Divinity on a regime of Clavamox. These antibiotics were prescribed to deal with any infection before she had some dental work performed.

In early April, Divinity had four teeth removed, as well as a full tooth polish and clean.  After surgery, she went on another round of antibiotics to prevent an infection from developing.

This week Divinity had follow-up blood work, and her liver enzyme count is completely normal! It’s been an apprehensive few months, but I can now relax knowing my little lady is okay.

Note: In the above picture, you can see Divinity’s dog seat secured with the car’s passenger seat belt. What you can’t see, are the two leashes that are attached to Divinity and keep her secured.

Two leashes are inserted through runners built-in to her dog seat, they then drop and run between the back of the car seat, and the seat bottom. The leash ends are attached to one of the car’s seat belts in the rear passenger area. In essence, Divinity is held in by three seat belts.


8 responses

  1. Divinity, we’re so happy to hear your tests came back ok. I want to know where your dad got that seat for you. I want one so when I have to go to Syracuse to have my eyes checked I can see out the window.
    Rocky Man

    • Thanks for thinking of Divinity…

      Take a look at the newest posting, I wrote an entire post on the car seat.

  2. So glad to learn that your tests are ok and that your dad uses a seat belt for you. My mom uses one for me too but it’s the kind that has a harness attached so I can’t be thrown off the seat if she has to come to a sudden stop.What good parents we have!

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