Gopher Deterrent

Minnesota is known as the Gopher State because gophers are everywhere. However, Divinity is developing a gopher deterrent. For years, there has been a gopher tunnel at one corner of the house where we live. Until last week, Divinity just ignored this tunnel, and went on her way.

Well last week my little lady suddenly took great interest in this gopher passage. Divinity started spending quite a bit of time sniffing at the tunnel entrance, and then one day after a thorough sniffing, she changed position, squatted, and peed down the hole! After a few days of having their tunnel peed on, the gopher filled up the entrance.

Tracking something

Now Divinity & I need to do a bit more testing, but if I can get her to pee down a gopher hole on command, we can probably make a very comfortable living. I am sure there are a lot of farmers, and regional golf clubs in Minnesota, that would be quite happy to pay Divinity for her services.


7 responses

  1. This is a new “talent” Divinity seems to be developing. I’ll let you know if she continues with this behavior. If she does, we can discuss her fee at that time.

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