Divinity – Pre-Adoption information

3393-1While searching through my backup files, I found a web page I had saved from when Divinity was still in foster care. I thought it fitting to re-published this information right after our fourth anniversary.

The following statements were taken from the Col Potter Cairn Rescue website, and were written by Divinity’s Foster Mom:

12/29/2008: Divinity is a strawberry blonde Cairn girl weighing in at 17 pounds. She is a former commercial breeding mamma and just turned 9 years old. Divinity has been in my home for approximately two weeks. She started out very shy, and so quiet you hardly knew she was even in the house. It took her two weeks to show me that she really does have a voice. But she is certainly progressing! Her Cairn personality is growing every day. Today I found her upstairs digging in my knitting and “killing” that bag of yarn! She loves both men and women and is very generous with her kisses, as long as she gets some attention in return. She is a pleasure to have around. Divinity currently has some problems with her ears and we are medicating her in an effort to make her feel better. We are also working on her house training because she prefers not to go outside in the “cold”. It has been very cold here and one can hardly blame her for not wanting to go outside – still, she just needs to learn to potty quickly then she can come back inside. She is very smart, and a calm and composed lady who will make someone a wonderful companion. Keep watching for updates. She’ll be ready for a home of her own very soon.

UPDATE 1/28/09: This little lady is a charmer. Everyone who meets Divinity falls in love with her. She is very quiet, but will approach to give kisses and to get loving. She is a real lady, very seldom barks, does not jump onto furniture and she never goes out the door before I go out. To good to be true? Nope – that’s Divinity so far! Be aware that her personality is just starting to show itself. Divinity has started to initiate play with my Cairns by doing a “play bow”. Then if she gets a response, a little chase is in order. I believe if she had a yard to play in she would love to run and chase outside. She has become a bit of a toy thief, very casually strolling around the house gathering up toys when no one is looking, and placing them in her bed in the kitchen. She likes to pace in the kitchen with her toy in her mouth, squeaking as she goes. Her ears are getting better, but I fear her potty habits will not be perfect until warmer weather or until she moves to a nice warm climate. If you find a place for Divinity in your home you will be totally charmed with this Cairn princess! Please fill out an application soon. She would love to have a home to call her own.

UPDATE 2/23/09: This is Divinity. I’m looking for my forever home. Can you get me out of this place soon? I’m so bored. Nothing goes on here. I would love a forever home with a human person of my own and brother and sister Cairns to run around with. The ones here don’t play much. Foster Mom says they are couch Cairns. It would be nice if I could be some place warm or at least warmer than this Minnesota place. I’m a very good girl; I potty outside; play with toys; chew only on bones and I’m a lover. There’s nothing better than being lifted up onto the couch and sitting next to a human person. Foster Mom says I am an angel. I think I’d rather be a Cairn Princess. I love to go places in the car, so if you travel that’s even better. I don’t jump up on furniture and I very seldom bark, only when the Cairns here send out the alarm and even then I usually wait a little until I help out. How can you resist me? Look at my pretty face and those big brown eyes. What are you waiting for?

UPDATE 3/17/09: Hi, it’s me, Divinity! When is someone going to come get me and take me to my forever home? I’m trying to be patient, but it’s hard to wait. I’ve been very good, except foster mom says I need to learn to stay out of her knitting. I thought I might like it, but she won’t let me. I bet my forever home would let me knit if I wanted to. I went to the spa last week and got a new hairdo and a nice bubble bath. Watch for a new picture of me. Of course I was very good and everyone fell in love with me. The grooming lady even let me walk around with her and help clean up the place. It was fun! Yesterday I went outside for a walk around the yard. I love to stand and let the wind blow in my face. It felt so good. I think the winter is gone here and now I can go outside more and I love that. Foster mom says I am so close to perfect that she will have a hard time giving me up, but I say, “Let’s go. I’m ready to start my new life”. Please fill out an application for me. I promise I will be good and you will just love me (how could you not love such a beautiful Cairn princess).

UPDATE 3/25/09: Foster Mom thinks that maybe we have made me look “too good to be true!” So, she says I have to “fess up”. Okay, okay, so I’m not even “almost perfect”. She says I have to confess; that it’s good for the soul. So what if I snore a little and if one of my ears doesn’t stand up all of the way, and I drip water all over the floor after I take a drink, and I’m a toy thief and a couch potato? Sometimes my little front teeth even show a little! And sometimes when I sleep my little tongue sticks out a little too. Just so what! I think it makes me even more lovable, don’t you? I am a beautiful, mature, blonde bombshell–oops! I forgot this time we are supposed to be confessing. Oh well. Hurry up, fill out my application before someone else falls for me! Did I mention I’m a little impatient? So hurry up! I know what I want, and that’s a FOREVER HOME!



* Before I saw Divinity’s adoption notice in early April 2009, multiple people had submitted paperwork to adopt her. All of them changed their minds; they all decided that at nine years of age, Divinity was too old to adopt.

* Divinity is very quiet, and rarely barks. I suspect the she was more vocal in foster care because she was with other dogs. Since adoption, she’s been an “only child.”

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