Visit to the Beauty Parlour

Just in time for the warm weather to arrive, Divinity went for a beauty treatment from Anna, at Animal House Pet Styling. Animal House is located in Little Canada, Minnesota.

Divinity’s hair was quite long as it had been about 3-1/2 months since her last grooming session. With such long hair, I thought Divinity was beginning to look like a miniature Polar Bear; Anna said Divinity looked like a Yeti.

Anna gave Divinity a bubble bath, and a pedicure. Divinity also received a new hairdo that is nicely trimmed.

Before Grooming

Before Grooming


Anna is a certified Master Groomer who teaches, and certifies other groomers to hand-strip show dogs. Actually, Anna uses photographs of Divinity as a model for the Terrier section of her training classes.

Post grooming session

Post grooming session


Divinity is no longer hand-stripped only. As she gets older, Divinity’s getting more, and more impatient. As such, Anna has been using scissors and an electric clipper in a few area’s to speed up the grooming process. Clippers, and scissors, would not be used on a show dog.

Post grooming session

Post grooming session


4 responses

  1. She is such a cutie! They always feel so pretty and perky when groomed. At least my girl Gracie does, she was a mill dog too.
    Fay and her crew in CA

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