Divinity & the Sunday Sweets

Sunday DivinityEvery Sunday, the Col Potter Rescue blog publishes a “Sunday Sweets” post that features pictures of adorable Cairn Terriers. This week, they are featuring a few of their senior rescues, plus one little guy.

  • Divinity is 13 years
  • Bea is 13 years
  • Neha is 11 years
  • Corkie is 10 years
  • Zander is 9 years
  • Viktor Kolme is in training, and brings up the rear at 5 months old. However, he does look sweet climbing into his toy box.

To see pictures of the Sunday Senior Sweets on the Col Potter blog, click HERE

“The old ones have a lot to teach us”
“We just need to be willing to look, listen, and learn.”
Divinity’s Dad

Update: The Col Potter rescue posted a video on YouTube featuring the Sunday Sweets, along with some other wonderful Cairn Terriers. Divinity is in this video twice. Watch this video and see if you can you find her!


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