Overheating & high temperatures

During the past two weeks, central Minnesota’s daytime temperatures have been no lower than the upper 80’s, and many times well into the 90(f) degree range. The heat index has been even higher.

Divinity, is not having an easy time in this heat. As a dog with a thick double-coat, Divinity is prone to overheating, and being a senior dog exacerbates the problem.


Divinity taught herself to cool off by placing her front feet in her water dish. After I realized what she was doing, and why, I purchased an extra large dish so she could place both feet in the dish at the same time, comfortably.

This week, I read about one family that came close to loosing one of their pets due to overheating. This particular dog is blind, and though the owners were only away for about 35 minutes, when they came home this dog had gone outside, overheated, became confused, and was unable to find her way back in the house. Had they arrived home a few minutes later, the dog might have expired from the heat.

To learn about dogs overheating, click HERE.

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