Summer allergy season

Well it’s summer allergy season at the Divinity household, so this past week, we went to see Dr. Steve at the Kivisto Vet Clinic. Divinity’s allergy problems have increased with age.

Lately, we have had swarms of deer flies, and some ground bees in the area. The flies, and the bees have bit, and stung both of us during our walks. Pollen counts have also been high.

Recently, Divinity started chewing her feet due to allergies; she is also having other allergy related problems. Dr. Steve prescribed Hydroxyzine HCL pills for her allergies, and MalOtic ointment for her lower lady parts to relieve the itch. I’ll be washing Divinity’s feet with ResiCORT medicated shampoo from Verbac twice a week for a while.

Allergy foot problems

For late July, it is unusually cool, with a temperature of 55 degrees(f), and a light drizzle. Thanks to the rain, the flying insects are in hiding, so Divinity & I can go for a walk, free from bug bites.

Divinity does not like rain in cool, or cold weather, and shortly after adoption, I purchased a raincoat for her from Foggy Mountain Dog Coats. This coat is very well made, fits perfectly, and will easily last Divinity the rest of her life.

Here is a picture of Divinity wearing her raincoat. I think she looks quite sophisticated in this coat.



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